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In September 2005, not too long after the 50th anniversary of the sign-on for Radio 1080 CHED (later to be known as 630 Ched) in Edmonton, Alberta, there was a reunion...

It was a gathering of people who worked at the station with Jerry Forbes along with a few others that were considered to be 'family'. It was a celebration of a very special time in radio.

An extensive archive of memorabilia was gathered, with the help of many, for the 'reunion'. After the celebration, the material was donated, at the request of the curator for Western Canadian Culture, to the Royal Alberta Museum. We were honored to oblige... except for maybe Shepansky who was reluctant to give us all his 'neat stuff ' in the first place. It's in good hands, Jim.

At, we intend to offer a retrospective of the Forbes years in as much detail as possible with the use of photographs, audio, video and written accounts. Your contributions are welcomed. Please send us an email, if only to say hello.

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